A Matched Pair


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A Matched Pair.

As Shires Unleashed, my other painting. I owned a matched pair of Shire Horse for some years. Sadly one of them suffered from ring bone if his hoof, and we eventually had to have him put down. As he was in so much pain. I would say it was one of the saddest days of my life. as I loved those Horses and any horse owner will understand my feelings on that day. His name was Elliot. The nearest one on the right in my painting. The other Oliver on the left, I sold as I could not live with the stress that something might happen to him also.

Walking to the Fields

My painting depicts me walking to the fields with them ,as I did every day, a fantastic time of my life, to be in control of  one ton animals, whom you love with all your heart, carting in hand, or just for pleasure they were wonderful companions.


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