Paintings of horses

The Beauty Of The Horse

All Sports with horse riding, Stallions, hunting, racing, New Forest ponies, shire horses and more. click on the picture to enjoy.

Fishing Paintings

Fishing, A pastime and sport

My paintings depict certain times or events of fishing, portrayed with palette knives painted in oil paint, I try to invent a scene of the sport, be it in the River,  course fishing Ponds, Or just a tranquil pastime, of sitting and enjoying the moment. click on the picture to enjoy

Wildlife Paintings

A Plethora of Wildlife

British Birds from Kingfishers to Robins. Ducks, Chickens and majestic on the picture to enjoy.

Hunting & Shooting Paintings

Hunting and Other Sports.

Horses and redcoats, huntsmen, gun dogs and hounds.

Paintings of People

Just People in all walks of life.

Palette knife painting is a joy when you depict people, I try to portray movement wherever I can, my paintings of children by the sea, couples walking through fields and more. are for you all to enjoy.

Paintings of Wine Glasses

Cheers,A Selection of celebration times.

Celebration glassware, wine, champaign, remembering good times.

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