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My name is Michael Parker. I have been painting all my life. I now realise that I was on an apprenticeship of learning the skills, and the knowledge of painting in different mediums. Finally settling with oil paint, which is by far my favourite.

I am self-taught and my early works were “trompe l’oeil”, a French term meaning “to deceive the eye” a technique of attempting to create an optical illusion in oil paint. This was very hard edged brushwork, but it taught me the meaning of form.

                     Developing Style.

After many years I have developed my own style and technique. Eventually progressing to working with large palette knives. I believe the skill of using them came from my profession as a builder, plasterer, bricklayer, and developer.

Colour Relativity.

Having now found interest in colour relativity. I have changed my palette to a joyful set of colours bringing in violets, cadmium hues, reds, greens and blues to my paintings. My knives give me the opportunity to create a scene of abstract fragments depicting the scene but not in its perfect form. I paint in the “plein air” as much as in my studio.


I first start with an idea and draw the composition. Then I begin applying paint in large bold strokes to the background. My intention is to be deliberately strong and well placed with my strokes. I cannot go back. And what develops is there for the eye to behold. I work wet into wet and when entering my figures I have one chance – changing in mid-stream may ruin all that I have created in the background.

Painting Enjoyment.

I enjoy painting most human figures and animals. But the horse is my favourite. I strive to achieve movement in my paintings, conjuring up the excitement of all life. Bathed in light from any particular angle. Having now won local competitions throughout the South of England. I have moved on to also sell my work in print form.

I live in Dorset, and my work can be found in many different counties throughout England, and in Europe.


I am always available for Individual oil painting commissions. Palette knife demonstrations to art societys and clubs, and also painting workshop days.

Michael Parker.
Dorset Artist

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  • Florent marie

    Good evening Mike, this e mail might surprise you but this is the only way that I found to contact you. It s Florent from Normandie, I lost your phone number but I really wish to hear from you and Marilyn. You can reach me at the 06 77 92 89 95. I hope to hear from you soon. Flo

  • Esther Gazit

    Hi Michael Parker’
    I love your style of painting and I want to follow it. Your colors are fantastic an so are the vivid subjects that you paint’
    Thank you

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