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Michael Parker is an artist skilled in palette knife painting. His use of colours in oil paint, and his unusual abstract style, has made him ever more popular with the public. He rarely uses brushes, and has been painting all his life, specialising in figurative art and all types of expressionistic paintings. Depicting all types of leisure and sporting pastimes. Be it Landscapes, Seascapes, athletics, fishing, sailing, walking, singing dancing, or riding, shooting, hunting, horses, Birds or dogs and people.

painting of a robin bathing

A British Robin, Bathing in the early morning

Painted with Palette Knives in a rough genre, A young Robin A British Iconic Bird, loved by all, dips his feathers into the cold stream, and shakes his body, whilst dunking his feathers deeper into the water, I have given him an impudent look, as he is saying to himself, its real cold in here.

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Mr Cool, Miles Davis in his early days,Jamming with Friends

Palette Knife Painting in Monochrome, Jazz, A young Miles Davis Jamming With Friends, a smokey atmosphere in a St Louis Night Club, painted in a rough genre to depict a smokey evening of soft cool jazz, Born in May 1926, Died September 28 1991, Miles Davis was an American Jazz Trumpeter who as a bandleader and composer was one of the main influences on the art of jazz, from the late 1940s

Michael Parker
Meet the Artist

Michael Parker

My name is Michael Parker. I have been painting all my life. I now realise that I was on an apprenticeship of learning the skills, and the knowledge of painting in different mediums. Finally settling with oil paint, which is by far my favourite.

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