THE ROAN STALLION Palette Knife Painting in Oil Paint


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THe Roan Stallion
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THE ROAN STALLION Palette Knife Painting in Oil Paint

I have personally owned a Shire Horse Stallion, he was Fiery, an completely unpredictable, but I loved the power of him, and the ground shook when her galloped towards me, only stopping by sliding to a halt on his front legs,(Quite Scary)



THE ROAN STALLION Palette Knife Painting in Oil Paint, A stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated. Geldings are male horses that have been castrated, and mares are female horses. Colts are male foals and fillies are female foals. There are a lot of different terms when, it comes to horses. You can usually tell a stallion from a gelding, by just watching him. Not all but some stallions are slightly high strung. Especially when a mare is in heat. They will sniff a mare’s dung and do what I call a smile, or pulling back the teeth and pull in air.

After a good workout, you can see the veins pop out all over a stallions body. That is because of the testosterone. Geldings are usually quieter and easier to manage because you don’t have to worry when it is breeding season. Castrating a horse will actually prolong a horse’s life.Each stallion has his own personality: some will naturally be calmer than others. It is always important to keep in mind that stallions are originally breed for reproduction and that they are aware of this. It is therefore natural for them to be on the alert when a mare approaches.


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