Taxi-ing before lift off


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Taxi-ing Before lift Off

 This painting was   produced after watching mallards taking off in park in deep Dorset. I always like to put some movement or energy into my paintings, and the ducks were perfect to try new ideas.

How the painting was formed

Firstly I wished to have their wings flapping fast but as I watched, the wings became almost invisible. it was then I saw the reflections in the pond as they were taking off,and there was my painting, consciously deciding to add just a mist of paint to the canvas for the wings,as in the reflection, imagining where they would form when flapping.  Then adding a hint of french ultramarine for the blue in the wing. After that the rest of the painting came automatically, and I just added the body in my normal palette knife style.

The use of colours

Viridian green is a fantastic colour to use, and painting the head was inspiring. The beak was a joy too, adding that extra bit of light to the finished painting.

Summing up

 Hoping that you all like my attempt as I feel it has come out as a lovely example of a Mallard duck. The title was fun, as when ducks run before take off, it reminds me of jet planes on a runway.

                    Best Wishes, Michael Parker, Dorset Artist.




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