Introduction into Monochrome Painting, Using Oil Paint.


Hi Everyone out there,

I have noted that there are now many viewing my blogs, and tutorials. From all parts of the World. And I just wanted to update you on my progress. Firstly I would like to thank you all for following me. And also for registering their email addresses. Those that haven’t your missing a few good tips !!.

Monochrome Painting

I have been asked to paint a few Monochrome paintings. For a Gallery in my home area. Which is something I enjoy.


For this painting, I have used oil paint. The basic principle, is to use just Burnt Umber, French Ultramarine Blue, and Whites. All types of white can be used, always leaving the Titanium White, for the SUNSHINE. In this painting. THE LAMP LIGHTING IN THE CORNERS.

Mixing The Paint

The first two are mixed together to make black. Then white is added to make all shades of grey. I will if all wish give an in depth tutorial of how to paint with these colours. Below I have entered my latest painting. As I have been asked to create paintings with smokey atmospheres.

The Method

Much of this painting, certainly the background. Is painted with brushes.I have then used palette knife for the main figures.

The Beginning

Firstly, I laid on a complete black background with a palette knife. This I allowed to dry for a day. Then I put in the smokey grey background with a brush.


The texture of the palette knife background creates the atmosphere of the painting. I will if any of you out there would like? continue with the rest of this blog, in a complete tutorial. Email me if you are interested. I always like feedback on my Blogs.

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