Carlos Acosta, Ballet

Men In Ballet.

Carlos Acosta international Cuban dancer and choriographer. Having looked into ballet as an energy sport of performing arts. I have noted that there are not many paintings of men Ballet stars. Quite interesting? I have always admired their athleticism. As they must train for hours and hours. Also I am sure they are up there with sports stars, when it comes to fitness.

 Acosta Danza

This painting is my donation to their art. It is my take on Carlos Acosta. Whom I have admired for many years. I believe he is retired now from main stream Ballet.And is now concentrating on Acosta Danza, Stretching his dancers to the limit of their abilitys. And is still involved in the performing arts. I hope it impresses,

Palette Knife.

It is painted in oils with a palette knife. A rough genre





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