Michael Parker Arts Future Videos and Tutorials

Hi All,

Having been making these tutorials and blogs for a while now, I have built up quite a following from you guys out there.

Choose your subject for me to paint

All this time I have chosen the subject, but now I ask you my followers, what would you like me to paint? feel free to mention, any subject matter that would interest you, my followers.

I would create a blog, and tutorial, of subjects that my followers would wish me to paint.

In Acrylics or Oils .

Best Wishes,

Michael Parker.

3 thoughts on “Michael Parker Arts Future Videos and Tutorials”

  1. Michael

    I would like you to paint a subject in the falling snow, a winter scene with at least one animal (could be a horse as you normally do, or would you consider other animals?)
    Oil please as it is my new found medium and I really like oils with pallet knife.
    thank you for being so inspiring

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for your kind comments, taking in account your request, I will as you asked paint perhaps deer or horses in snow for my next video blog, and tutorial, I also have a news letter to write, but if you keep watching my website, I will put a note in for you when I am about to begin the painting. Kind Regards, Michael Parker

      1. Paint deer or horses in snow, for my next tutorial video blog, if you watch my web site, I will let you know when I am about to begin the painting, kind regards, Michael Parker

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