Michael Parker

 Figurative art – Sporting  Paintings – oil paintings

Michael Parker is an artist skilled in palette knife painting. His use of colours in oil paint, and his unusual abstract style, has made him ever more popular with the public. He rarely uses brushes, and has been painting all his life, specialising in figurative art and sporting paintings. Depicting all types of leisure and sporting pastimes. Be it sailing, walking, singing dancing, or riding, shooting, hunting, racing with horses, or dogs. He produces paintings that not only have stunning effects of colour, but also create energy in the subject matter that is sometimes hard to believe. You can almost hear the shouts of the competitors, the call of a bird, or the thunder of the horses hooves, as the horses race to the line.  He also paints tranquil scenes of fly fishing, where the excitement of catching a fish or the pull on a line, can be felt as the the splash of the fish leaves the calm waters. With the anglers in all types of movement,  bathed in light from all particular angles using – violets, cadmium hues, reds, greens and blues, and all colours of his chosen palette.

He has won many local competitions throughout the South of England and has now decided to sell his work as original oil paintings and high quality giclée prints.

He can also be commissioned for art work in any specific subject.

He lives in Dorset and his work can be found in many different counties throughout England and in Europe.